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But I have no idea what to do!

Here is a five-step guide to help you; pray, watch, study, read and connect with others. It starts with praying and asking God. Then open your eyes and ears and watch out for the real needs in your surroundings. Study and do some research and survey, to find out what needs are out there and how you can fill that gap. Read other people’s testimonies, especially those on our Revo website and social media. Get inspired and pick up any ideas that resonate with you. Then commit it to God in prayer and wait upon Him for confirmation and peace. Lastly, connect with other Revo Groups and allow the Holy Spirit to lead you as you learn from what other Revo⅃utionaries are doing!

We need to train ourselves to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit. The world has a lot of ideas on how things can be improved around us but let’s desire for God to drop that God-idea (not man-idea) into our hearts that can help someone experience God’s love at that moment. Learn from God (pray), learn from others (other Revo⅃utionaries) and learn from experience (try!)

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