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Don’t I need to fix my own problems first before helping others?

Firstly, we are not perfect but God still chooses us. Very few of us are ever going to feel good enough. Remember how Jesus chose His 12 disciples? Do you think they were good enough? And what about the Apostle Paul? He was on his way to persecute the Church when Jesus met him on the road to Damascus and gave Him a mission to preach for Him instead.

God isn’t looking for perfect vessels, but He is looking for willing and available vessels. Think of the story of Elijah and the widow in 1 Kings 17. She borrowed empty vessels to fill them with oil that miraculously flowed out of her tiny jar. When she asked her sons to bring more vessels, they told her there was none left. That’s when the oil stopped flowing. The lesson to us is that as long as there are empty vessels available, the oil will keep going. And when the vessels stop, so will the oil. So will you say, “Here I am, send me…”?

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