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What does a Revo Group do? P.L.O.W. (Pray, Listen, Obey, Witness)

1. PRAY: Gather to pray. Pray and ask God how your group can be a blessing to the people around you. Ask God what to do.

2. LISTEN: Spend time listening to what God has to say. Be sensitive to His voice and the needs of the people around you.

3. OBEY: What God says specifically, we do specifically. At other times, we simply obey God’s command to love our neighbours. Initiate a plan to bless your community. Start with small ideas (e.g blessing someone with a meal, spend time in meaningful conversations with them). 

More and more ideas will come about (some bigger, some smaller) as your Group grows in sensitivity and confidence together. Be bold enough to take action, especially with God-given ideas. Remember, the basis is that we are blessed to be a blessing. We bless the people around us so they can experience the love of God which we have ourselves experienced.

4. WITNESS: Be bold to share your story (testimony) when people ask you why you do what you do. Share what the Bible teaches about how we are to live our lives. Also, share your story – and the results of what you and your Revo Group have done. Your story will inspire others.  

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