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Revo Book Programme!

We are excited to announce that our brand new book, entitled “Pray Listen Obey: The Revolution Movement,” which tracks the Revolution movement in Malaysia, from its early beginnings till today, is now available!

This incredible book is filled with encouraging True Stories of young people all over Malaysia and the world making a difference in their communities in both practical and miraculous ways — and we believe it can inspire you to do the same! There are also step-by-step guides, manuals, templates, and examples to help you get started with your own Revo movement!

What’s more? You can get this book for FREE by joining our Revo Book Programme! This is a simple programme in which you, if qualified, will:

1. Receive a FREE copy of the book
2. Then, commit to do a simple love-in-action task (i.e. Revo Mission)
3. Thereafter, post a story of your experience on social media
4. Consider other optional tasks

Each school, college, university, workplace, church or organization is entitled to one FREE copy of the book. If you’re a main representative of your institution/organization, register yourself below for the Revo Book Programme to get a FREE copy and we will be in touch with further instructions!