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A Chain Reaction

This happened during MCO in April when I was inspired to do REVO because I saw some teens and adults doing so on the REVO Facebook page.

I thought of blessing my ex-colleague who was going through a tough time dealing with stresses of her work, which were made worst due to the inconsistent expectation of working hours due to MCO. She had some allergy restrictions and lived in Shah Alam (which didn’t have many shops nearby for Grab!), so I just decided to order some Gem biscuits and snacks to her house after sneakily getting her address from her university friend, who was also a mutual friend.

When the Grab food delivery arrived at her house, she was surprised as she wasn’t expecting it at all! I then shared with her why I was doing so – as mentioned above 🙂 She then, on her own accord, suggested to bless our other ex-colleagues and start a chain reaction (i.e. A bless B, B bless C, C bless A).

Altogether 8 people ended up being involved in this and the blessing eventually came back to me. It was an amazing experience being able to spread joy during the MCO time. All glory to God 🙂

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