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Accident Turned Blessing

I had been wanting to order Joshijosh via AirAsia since I found out about the promotion earlier this week. Fast forward to today, I got the time to preorder. However, my mind was thinking about something else and the app was unfamiliar to me, so I ended up accidentally ordering for today.

In a panic I tried to look for ways to change the delivery date and contacted multiple PIC’s. Then, when the driver finally messaged me, I thought about Revo and was urged to give him the mistaken order. I whatsapped him (see attached image) and he accepted.

This was a good reminder that we can and should turn mistakes into opportunities! God can use our errors to turn into a chance to show His love and blessing. Hope this encourages you to be the Revolution, even when you didn’t intend to be.

(Yes, I was driving and named him Teleport Guy. Don’t judge me)

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