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An encouragement goes a long way

As I was praying this morning seeking God for someone to bless with a kind note, my friend’s name Admond crossed my mind. Last I spoke to him was early January this year. As I continued to pray and seek God for a message that He wants me to tell my friend. God told me to thank my friend for who he is in my life. This friend of mine he has been there through my darkest times and even through days where I was better. He was there during the ups and downs in my life cheering me on and I have never stopped to think about how grateful I am to have him as my friend.


So today God spoke and I obeyed, therefore I sent Admond a text message asking if he is doing okay during this MCO period and just thank him for who he is and also letting him know that things are going to be okay even during this time where some people might not see hope.





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