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Blessing T.A

As many of you know, I’ve started reading The REVO Book ever since I got it and I’ve been truly inspired by the stories shared. I felt that it was time for me to put my faith into action by going out to bless someone and be a part of the REVOLUTION Movement as well.

A person’s name popped up in my heart and I really wanted to bless him! And that person is my mathematics teacher. Let’s refer to him as T.A 😉

As we are currently in CMCO, my classes have been brought online for the past few weeks. After sitting for several online maths classes, I noticed that T.A felt a little discomfort while teaching as the earphones he owned was wired earphones which limited T.A’s movements as he couldn’t walk from one end of his whiteboard to the other end comfortably without the wired earphones falling from his earlobes as he moves. T.A’s wired earphones also had weak audio pick up, so whenever we (the students) answers an equation or say something, T.A wasn’t able to hear our voice clearly.

I felt led to bless T.A with a new pair of wireless earphones and so I did! I neatly placed the gift in a paper bag along with a “Thank You” card and headed over to T.A’s place in PJ to deliver the gift (special thanks to my driver, Dad for driving me there 🤪). When we arrived, I passed the gift to T.A and he looked surprised as he did not expect a special delivery at all! We got to chit chat for a bit. Before my dad and I left, I asked T.A whether I could pray for him and thankfully he said “yes”!

As I was praying, I could feel the Holy Spirit’s presence and my eyes started sweating. It was truly a touching moment. I felt embarrassed at first, but a deep joy within myself overpowered the feeling of embarrassment 🤩

Not long after we left, T.A shared his joy of receiving the gift on his social media! I felt extra happy as I’m glad that the gift was going to be/has been super helpful to T.A✨

I truly encourage you to bless someone today or the following days! Remember to always pray, listen, and obey!

#praylistenobey #urtherevolution

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