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Christmas. Locked In Campus.

Thought of sharing just for encouragement. For Acts Nilai, I believe our leaven next year will be Campus Revo..every campus to have a consistent weekly campus Revo (we used to have that when we were new as a church plant but not as regular as today). Campuses still does it but not as frequent. I always believed Revo is a lifestyle and anyone can do it, in workplaces, campuses etc. Since last week before Christmas, the Holy Spirit encouraged me to cook and pack food for our Nilai students who are locked in their campus hostel during Christmas. He then said that with every one pack meal for our student, I am to give additional one more pack for them to do Revo (they are to pray and have a meal with someone during Christmas – people can feel left out during festive season). I did it on Christmas Day – close to 5 hours prep, cooking and packing for 25 pax for dinner with individualized hand written notes. It’s a sowing and an investment to see our students catching the spirit of Revo, which I felt convicted that as a church plant coordinator, it starts with me if I want to see Campus Revo grow in Nilai. I hand delivered to them and no joke, in XMU, they cannot even step out of the guardhouse to collect, the gate is like a border between us and the guards were very strict. I need to hand deliver to them right outside their gate. For Nilai U and Manipal U, they were not so stringent as I can pass to the students outside their guardhouse. It has truly been a memorable day to be able to bring cheer to our campus students and their friends. That was on Christmas Friday and the last time I drove my car before resting at home for two days. Saturday and Sunday I didn’t use my car to drive out. So the car was parked in the house for two days and…a flat tire discovered on Sunday night. It was God’s journey mercies that the tire didn’t flat out on the way going to and coming back from Nilai. The puncture was right at the side tire and cannot be patched up. So, a replacement tire is needed. No complaints but only compliments to God’s journey mercies. I have learnt that when we obey God, He will always be there for us. Glory to God!

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