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Cookies and Plumbing

Early in September 2020, we were challenged to plan a fundraising movement in our respective clans. Our clan was Team Bravo. On the 26th of September, we pitched our idea of baking and selling cookies to raise funds to buy ovens for care centres. The investors seemed hopeful for our plan, which very well encouraged us too. At the end of the pitch, our clan leader, Jon, closed it with prayer as requested by one of the investors. We really wanted to entrust this project into God’s hands.

We planned to do the baking in a factory, with the help of most members of the clan. However, MCO movement was reinforced again and many clan members were unable to help due to their parents concerns. Although the schedule was delayed and there was a lack of manpower, the team managed to pull it off and raised around RM1500+. It was really God blessed! We found a care centre named “Home of Peace” which had problems with their drainage system. So, instead of buying ovens, the team decided to fix the drainage system instead.

The Chicken Coop Project was a challenge to show what teens our age could achieve and to spread the love of God to others. Nevertheless, the great satisfaction of helping others is always something we all managed to receive! It is great to see how the impact of His love is too others.

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