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Father’s Day!

During Revo Conference 2021, I attended a workshop on starting a Revolution of Love. We were encouraged by great testimonies and on how reaching out starts off as simple as just to Pray, Listen and Obey!

As I prayed and sought God, I was moved in my heart to be a blessing to someone this Father’s Day, specifically to encourage a single father! I personally did not know who I could reach out to, so I prayed and somehow God dropped into my mind a high school senior who is an activist for the community of refugees in Malaysia – surely she would know someone I could bless.

I hesitated to contact her at first because she is a very busy person, we have not been in contact for many years and it might seem a little random, but remembering the call in Revo conference to “be courageous”, I decided to reach out and she had in mind someone I could bless! Mr. X takes care of 33 children and plays the role of a teacher and single father to them.

I got the details of some food he likes, got them ready and got the address. It hit me that we’re in a lockdown and I wondered if I could even pass it to him? Crazily enough (God’s plan!), when I checked the distance from my location to his, it was 10km on the dot. I knew that it was no mere coincedence so I decided to personally deliver it to him!

On the way as I was driving, I was just thanking God for this opportunity and suddenly I met a roadblock. I was honestly not prepared for that and wondered what I would even say if I was stopped. But God is so good, I was not stopped but managed to deliver the items and see that huge smile on his face 😀

Refugees are not shown enough appreciation and support. I’m so glad that I could be used by God to be a blessing to Mr. X this Father’s day. And when all of that was done, I found out that it’s actually not only Father’s Day – it is also World Refugee Day today. God is just amazing that way!!

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