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When someone says “God loves you”, what does it mean, really?

When i saw the Revo Calendar prompt on the 31st of August was to write an online message saying “God loves you”, it inspired me to write this post:

I wrote it with evangelising in mind. I wrote it while I thought of people who have never heard of God or are sick of hearing about Jesus. Right now, it’s the most shared post I have on my social media account (even more than my most engaging comic), and I’m really glad that it has helped people to resonate with it, as well as use it to share it with others who may need it.

So far it’s been shared by a few more well-known influencers like Charis Ow and Bay Doucet (who are both believers!), and many are still responding right now.

This isn’t about my own glory for likes and follows, and I hope it doesn’t come across that way. I’ve known for a while now that social media is one of the places that God has called me to be, so this is truly my first time trying to do Revo in this way!

Praise God for a timely inspiration!

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